Bite Lite – Mosquito Repellant Candle

bite-lite review

Bite-Lite’s candles claim to be one of the greenest on the market and are based on a cloak and scatter technology. They smell lighter than traditional citronella candles aren’t made from all of the toxic chemicals. The candle is about 5 inches tall and has a burn time of about 36 hours.  It’s great to use during outdoor events to keep the mosquitoes at bay while not omitting an offensive odor.

and now a word from Bite-Lite…

In celebration of summer, Bite-Lite is giving away product samples and a soft, plush stuffed monkey.   To enter the drawing, visit our blog and sign up as a subscriber.  Leaving a comment on one of the blog entries, doubles your chances.  The blog carries articles on outdoor sports, gardening, recipes and more.