There really is a problem in the way we dispose of garbage. Unfortunately, we are all used to plastic bags for their strength, resistance to odors, and their ability to fit into all sorts of garbage cans. For the last few years, I have been using garbage bags made out of recycled plastic and they work just as well as virgin plastic. I thought it was time to try out some new technology.

Bio Bags are biodegradable, hence the name. They are made out of corn and will degrade back into the earth within 18 months. The bags that I am using are much thinner than your normal virgin or recycled plastic bags, yet they hold up with the normal household garbage. I have been using the BioBags in the kitchen and they hold up well and do not allow for the garbage?s odor to penetrate.


Unfortunately, while separating the bag from the large spindle, I ripped two bags right down the middle. They were totally useless because of this. I realized that you need to be a little more gentle removing the bags because they are much more sensitive to tears.

I have not fully decided if I plan on using the BioBags or revert bag to my recycled plastic (PET) bags yet. Any thoughts? Leave some feedback or send us an email.

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