Barrier Reef from australian Scent

Barrier Reef soap from australian Scent (aS) comes packaged in what seems to be a recycled cardboard box. The scent smells like the ocean. ?The main ingredients are seaweed, green tea & lemon balm but there is much more that makes up this wonderful aroma. ?When applied to the skin the soap lathered up and became foamy which is a sign of a good soap. ?aS says to store this on their loofahs or free draining racks but without having one of those two I had to use what I had.

In my shower I have a tiled soap rack which does not drain. ?Needless to say this soap made quite a messy situation. Although it is a fantastic smelling mess to wake up to, it is quite annoying to clean. ?The bar has small pieces of various ingredients that exfoliate the skin as it’s used. ?Although it makes me feel clean and smell nice it does dry out the skin a little making need for moisturizer. I would recommend this soap for people who have sensitive skin and want an eco friendly all natural soap.

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