Bagups – Trash Bag Dispensing System

This product has great potential as it sounds very waste saving and helpful.  It is a great plus that these bags are biodegradable so they aren’t adding to the waste of the world.

The plastic bags seems a bit thinner than what I would expect, since I wouldn’t want the bag easily being ripped and spilling trash everywhere.  However that didn’t happen while using them, just seemed it had the potential.

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The downside to having all your bags attached in one box is that like with regular bags one purchased box could be used for many different garbage cans, but not in this situation.  You would have to buy many of these boxes, one for each garbage can, which seems more wasteful and less cost efficient.

Using the Bagups were helpful to have located in the can already and yet that was the best benefit of these bags, besides being biodegradable.  These are good for a splurge, especially when you must buy a 3-pack box via their website.