Anne Celine Jet Setter Eco Tote

Being eco-friendly never looked so fashionable. Anne Celine offers totes and shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles. These gorgeous designs come in two different sizes (small & large) and 12 different patterns.

All bags are made from REPREVE® polyester, which are recycled fibers that are “first quality” which makes them look good, feeling soft and comfortable. The Jet Setter bag has a unique soft fabric feel which makes it surprisingly made from plastic bottles. I would have expected something more rigid and rough since plastic is usually hard. Still want to know exactly what REPREVE® material is made from? Check out this 5-minute video of the unique process.

By using sustainable materials Anne Celine helps to prevent what would end up in a landfill into what becomes a useful product. This bag sure if useful, it can hold so much stuff! For a bag that doesn’t have a flat bottom as a tote, it really is roomy and can hold up to 50lbs. Though I haven’t tried to carry that much weight in it, but it did a great job when I used it for food shopping. A bag full of groceries is probably the heaviest I’ve carried in it. To me it seems way too nice of a bag to use for groceries that may leak, so I prefer to use it for other types of errand. The loop and button closure allows it to stay closed when using it but is also what keeps it closed when folded up into a 2.5”x4” size pouch.

This is a great tote for a quick overnight bag or trip to the beach. It is very durable and long lasting. This larger tote (24″ x 19.5″) is made from 6 plastic bottles, while the smaller tote (22.5″ x 16.5″) is made from 4 bottles – both are 100% made in the USA and machine washable. To see pattern and color options, check out

What pattern do you like, large or small tote?