Alternative Powered Jeeps at All Breeds Jeep Show-Part 2

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If I wasn’t already amazed at the fact that there was an electric Jeep at this Jeep festival, I was floored again when I came across a Jeep CJ7 that was converted into a stellar solar powered camper. The solar panels on the roof power the in-room refrigerator and in-room air conditioner. Both which could sustain itself strictly on solar power for up to 3 days. I even got to enjoy an ice pop, frozen by the power of solar energy, thanks to the friendly owner Seth Levy.


This Jeep was in rough shape when it was found.


But thanks to Jeff Daniels Jeeps of Harleysville, PA based on their extensive experience in biodiesel conversions, it was restored to a better than original condition. The restoration took 12 months to complete but several years of planning. It runs on a 1988 Cummins engine that is biodiesel ready too. The Jeep’s new home will be split between Florida and Colorado, surely experiencing many beautiful views in-between.