Alexia Organic Yukon Select Fries

Alexia really knows their stuff! I was already impressed with the All Natural Oven Reds, which I already reviewed here. These yummy fries are organic and totally restaurant style, which I couldn’t believe came out of my own oven.

Alexia Foods are created by Manhattan Chef Alex Dzieduszycki in his Greenpoint kitchen. Alexia offers all natural and organic frozen foods and gourmet side dishes. Chef Alex created Alexia with the idea of hand selecting finest ingredients and only making small batches at first. He always uses real ingredients, putting quality and taste at the forefront. Alexia has a wide variety of side dishes including baked appetizers, artisan breads, fries, sweet and white potatoes and potato/vegetable side dishes. With so many choices within each category it’s hard to know what to pick.

I prepared these fries exactly to the instructions and they were completely wonderful. No mushy fries here. They all were perfectly crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Exactly how I prefer my fries. Unlike the bag of Oven Reds, this bag of fries offered many more servings than the Reds did. I’ve already had more than two servings and there is still a great deal of fries left. If you want quantity, go for these fries instead since they both have the same quality.

These organic fries are already lightly seasoned with sea salt, according to the package. It must be very lightly salted because I couldn’t even taste the salt. Which is a great thing, since I didn’t even think that the fries needed any seasoning at all. Though dipping them in ketchup is always a bonus for flavor and made my meal even better. If you are looking for organic fries, these are the ticket! Great flavor, great product and great company. Visit Alexia’s website to view all of their organic and all natural food products.