Alex Water Bottle

alex water bottle reviewIf you have a Sigg, or another similar shaped water bottle, then you know how annoying they are to clean. The opening is really small (which means you can’t get a sponge in there), and once you’ve got the suds frothing inside, it takes forever to get them fully rinsed out.

What do I do? Well like as not, I simply don’t wash it. Yes, I’m well aware of how gross and unhealthy that is. But you know you’ve done it too.

All this is why I was super excited when I got a chance to try the new Alex water bottle. What’s so special about the Alex? Well, this is a water bottle you can actually clean. The design is brilliant- the water bottle is actually in two pieces that screw together in the middle. When you’re ready to wash it, you simply unscrew the top and the bottom. This opens up the bottle so you can easily get a sponge inside.

Now, you might think that the water bottle would leak. But it doesn’t. I’ve put this water bottle through the wringer, taking it on road trips and backpack jaunts (where it was rolling freely in my pack) and it hasn’t leaked once. As long as you screw the two pieces in well, not a drop is going to come out. And it’s not going to unscrew in your pack and spill water everywhere, either. The seal has a rubber ring around it, and it fits together really well.

Another cool thing about this water bottle is that when you unscrew it, the bottom fits inside the top, so it takes up less storage space.

The body is made of BPA-free stainless steel. And it’s also made using 50% recycled steel.

Personally, I’m done with other water bottles now that I’ve got the Alex. To me, it just doesn’t make sense to buy a Sigg. I can actually clean this water bottle. It has a unique look. And it takes up less storage space. What’s not to love?