A New Year, A New Chapter

We’ve been on hiatus since our return from Natural Products Expo East in September. But not without good reason! We’ve been brainstorming and are hoping to launch a new earth friendly project, our journey into zero waste living. Now this won’t change the basis of our website, to provide you with honest and fair reviews of new earth friendly products. In addition to that we will be featuring some of the ways that we have begun living a zero waste lifestyle, with tips and resources to allow you to do the same.

Some might wonder, with all of these new products we receive to review, how can we be zero waste? Well the truth is that we often give away some of these products to family and friends or of course use them ourselves and recycle what we can. Though this website is not strictly zero waste, our review process does create a fair amount of recyclable materials, but very little trash. So in short, we enjoy the idea of a zero waste lifestyle but aren’t yet able to incorporate that into our review process. Instead it will be incorporated into our daily lives outside of the blog.