5 Environmental Documentaries You Will Love

Lately I haven’t been able to get enough of learning about earth-friendly ways of living, so I decided to turn to Netflix to see if I could learn more. Though not all the films I do suggest in this article are available through Netflix, I truly believe they are educational and inspiring enough to pay a few dollars to rent.


Not many in our country realize how their food is really grown. This film documents one father’s journey to uncover the United State’s high use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) in our food. Many countries in Europe have banned these types of foods already, but why does our government continue to tell us they are alright for us to consume? See what happens when this father visits GMO seed empire Monsanto Company.


This was the first film on my documentary-viewing journey. It was great to have a film created by a mainstream media anchor, Katie Couric. FedUp shares facts that point out how the government has been guiding Americans towards a life of obesity and health problems. All of which are relating back to sugar and the food industry. From school lunches to the sneaky labeling techniques of packed foods. It is even shocking how the Obamas seem to be players in this corporate led greed-fest at the expense of citizen’s health. Find out why children are set to live shorter lives than their parents.

The True Cost

I’m certain I came across this documentary because of some super awesome eco-friendly person I follow on Instagram. They mentioned this documentary in their post, which sparked my interest. I wish I could remember who it was, so I could give them credit for a great recommendation.

For my own budgetary reasons for the past few years I haven’t actively purchased any clothes, new or second hand. However, if I didn’t already have that restriction in place then this movie would have had me change my shopping way right away.  Though high fashion and expensive brand names were never my cup of (decaf organic earl grey) tea, any purchases I would might consider making will now be quality and not just for their low cost.

TrueCost is a documentary that tells the story about clothes, what we wear, who makes it, the impact these choices have around the world. The price of clothing has been ever decreasing for years, while the cost to the employ those who create them hasn’t changed.

Downright unsafe working conditions are ignored in third world countries because if they don’t produce the goods fast enough these corporations will quickly find someone who can. Using your dollars to vote for the companies with high moral standards is the way to show these workers they truly matter. Fair trade for all!

Food, Inc.


Within the first five minutes of this movie I already saw what the food industry is all about. Money. It rules everything and the food industry prefers to make a dollar off of you if you are willing to let it happen.

This documentary also made many correlations between GMO seed corporation Monsanto employees and those who were then accepted government jobs within the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Influence is everything! Much of this film had me repeating to myself “this isn’t how things should be.” As it uncovered how big corporations take advantage of their crop growers, customers and ethics.

There are so many factors in play with all of the food grown in America and so much of it is completely out of our hands.

Forks Over Knives

This film was very science based compared to the previous films I’ve recommended and I love that! It follows two doctors who treat their patients’ ailments by placing them on plant based diets. There is a lot to be said about these doctors who were going against the norm of physicians that tend to prescribe medication to treat patient issues. Going against the grain is what this movie proves can truly change your health.

There are several other documentaries that I still have in my Netflix queue and would love to do a future update if I find they are movies you need to know about. I truly believe knowledge is power!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite eco-friendly documentary?  We love learning, share yours below!